Share your story with The Supernova Project
The Supernova Project is a platform for queer identifying people who are dealing with abusive relationships and other forms of abuse to get the help and resources they need. 

We would love to share some queer people's stories on this site to help show others that they are not alone in their experiences or feelings. We believe that sharing real stories will help other people identify abusive partners / family members and the patterns of abuse in queer relationships. We also hope that this will help give a voice to the queer community. 

** Your stories will be shared on the platform as you have shared them with us. We may edit/rewrite the story to make it read better / shorten it. You can choose to tell us as little as you'd like, or as much as you'd like!**
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Are you queer and have experienced domestic violence? Are you in the situation currently? How did you cope? How did the situation change (if it did)?
What would you say to someone who is in an abusive relationship?

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